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If you could simply get the truth in this world of fake news what would you pay for it?

Just imagine if you could, without obligation, have an independent expert research your catering portfolio and answer the following questions honestly:

  • Are we as a Company getting a sustainably good product?

  • Are we getting value for money in terms of the financial model?

  • Is the level of spend in our “free issues” reasonable?

  • Are we getting enough information from the Supplier to manage the portfolio?

  • Are the levels of Health & Safety at a level that mitigates our risk?

These questions and more do have answers and allow us on a tight deadline to deliver them in a succinct report with the experience of 30 different years in the industry!

At any given point in a company’s growth several questions of efficiency, productivity and bottom line profits will rear its head, often these can be resolved with creative problem solving through guidance in specialized areas of business and expertise! Now this expertise can only be obtained at the University of Life, TJ Roots provides a range of diversified professional experts than will bring solutions and sustainable ways forward to the table.

The TJ Roots Food company has done several consultations for several companies including Tsebo Solutions, Investec Import Solutions, PURCO PURCO, UCT, NWWR/CSIR and Vodacom.

Our methodology without exception includes the below steps.

Firstly, there is a brief overview from the client in terms of what they find problematic or beliefs is not operating as efficiently as they would like to see it work – this is usually done in a brief letter to us with the request to consult.

After this The TJ Roots Food Company familiarizes itself with the clients site, Standard Operating Procedures, determines the challenges and opportunities of the environment and site location, a SWOT analysis before the site is visited.

Then follows the site visit – an in-depth Question and Answer with the client, a site visits to obtain all necessary information and then off we go to the drawing board!

It is our belief that the client should always receive a bouquet of solutions with different outcomes – off course stating the pros and cons of every solution without any sugar coating.

Our process is simple yet efficient – the solution to many organizational challenges lies in simplicity!


Change management is never an easy feat – and more times than not comes with resistance from all parties – staff, customers & suppliers. TJ Roots will manage this process for you via implementation specialists that works with your team to iron out the installation challenges until there is buy into the new improved process that has been proposed.

Our team will implement the new operating procedures by working full days within your operations – we get a full understanding of the operational challenges with years of industry experience to resolve irritations and resistance fast & efficiently.

Your choice in solution tailored to your company requirements, implemented in real time to achieve best results.