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If you are buying as an independent or small Group of Companies, do you know if you are getting the right product delivered at the right price within prescribed Health & Safety guideline?  What about a platform that allows you to engage each of these areas of concern via an incredibly easy application?

And that is what the “TJ Roots Parcel” is all about. We offer you:

  • Delivery up to 3 times per week

  • Access to the countries best sauces, herbs and spices at the best prices

  • No minimum baskets

  • Grade A-Meats at the best net prices available

  • “High Street” brand items such as All Gold, Koo and Tiger Brands, again at the best prices

  • A complete set of no name brands for the price wary connoisseur

  • And complete traceability


This highly integrated system gives you some relief on your cash flow and massive relief on your administration.

The TJ Roots Buying platform not only offers smaller businesses competitive buying power via an easy to use portal – it has full backward integration.

We pride our self on using local, locally manufactured produced. In fact, a variety of the ingredients we supply is from Locally owned production companies that export their product to various other countries!

A good example is the Cape Herb & Spice Company that is based in the Western Cape and exports to countries like New Zealand, Australia and Germany.

Proudly South African supporting Proudly South African Export products.

Secondly, we are one of the very few catering companies if not the only that supports the building of EME’s & QSE’s. It comes with a fair amount of challenges – which we happily iron out alongside our smaller business partners.

Mokobodi Holdings is distributed solely via TJ Roots Central Stores into our sites, they also have their flagship Coffee shop on a TJ Roots Site that trades and operates with great success.

Mokobodi supplies beans via their 100% black owned, 50% Woman Owned Roastery. They import beans from the Belt of Africa – in Rwanda, supporting small coffee bean farms and woman driven bean washeries, then the beans come into South Africa, is roasted by the Mokobodi Family, packaged and delivered to TJ Root on order.

The benefits of having this type of traceability and backward integration is significant.

  • A small business usually supports a family, they are committed to delivery consistent quality of product, outstanding service delivery and best price. The Small business owner literally have their children’s school fee’s pending on their sales!

  • There is almost no middle trader – the pricing is very competitive.

  • Responsible production & product. Small emerging suppliers do not compromise on their values & quality statement. They do not substitute with extenders or econ product. They are directly accountable for the product they delivery – so without exception, they will deliver the standard they commit to.

TJ Root established its own Central stores in 2017, an internal distribution centre that gives us the ability to buy in bulk and distribute unique quality products to our sites and customers at a fraction of the price.

We are committed to grow our supplier base & available ingredients every year.