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As a small QSE South African Owned Level 2 – BBBEE company itself, TJ Roots understands the challenging environment that we all compete in with the enormous corporate companies driven by internationally owned and funded shareholders. Selection criteria is almost unachievable for a tiny EME / QSE – for any of our locally owned small emerging businesses it is a make or break scenario when they get a small bite of a catering contract.

We provide an umbrella under which these local entrepreneurs can flourish with protection against cash flow restraints, operational requirements and corporate legislation. This model has worked extremely well for The TJ Roots food company – we have been instrumental in the development and growth of more than 6 EME’s – namely African Sisters, Baker & Butcher Eatery, Mpumelelo Stewarding, Mokobodi Holdings and Happiness in a Cup. Each one of these small companies operate within our contracts – they abide by our company rules & Objective and work together to achieve our mutual goal of growing local!

We are 100% committed to sourcing sustainable local product & ingredient and growing with the South African owned companies.

TJ Roots is one of the very few, if not the only that pays its small suppliers every 14 days – we understand the restraints cash flow places on a small business and through tight and good working relationship we keep updated with their requirements.

When TJ Roots grows every single other RSA owned QSE that forms part of our network grows with us!

The magic of this cosmos we have created, is within our own environment there is several opportunities for each of the smaller companies to compete for their niche market – and they do it well. Well enough to make sure their children go to school and their families are taken care off. The greatest advantage of 99% of new emerging entrepreneurs are they absolute commitment and determination to make their business a success. Failure is not an option for them – therefore consistency, good customer service and quality ingredients and product is what we all live, dream, eat and sleep!

A great example is Happiness in a Cup. The Operational Concept of HIAC was established 4 years ago within one of our consulting campaigns – it has been conceptualized some time before this, but came to live in 2014. HIAC now operates at Hollard Parktown & Hollard City Campus. Essentially the company consists of all the Hollard tea ladies that was serving coffee and tea, filling water coolers and making sure each Hollandite had their hot beverage available. Today these 14 ladies are proud owners of HIAC in partnership with TJ Roots to manage the business side of HIAC until the ladies are ready to take on the much bigger role of managing their operation independently. The success of these small emerging owners relies solely on their commitment to achieve their company goals – as simple as wearing a clean uniform, being on time, outstanding customer service with consistent quality product. Their commitment is unbelievable and their change in attitude towards their daily jobs is inspirational. The reward is not only job satisfaction but also financial.

HIAC is an example of a partnership EME.

Mokobodi Holdings operates completely independent – with TJ Roots its biggest customer. TJ Roots are their sole distributors (with no sole mandate) – we would love to see them grow to a national brand that supplies many customers and outlets! Mokobodi has opened their first express coffee shop at Landbank. Once again, the absolute commitment from the Mokobodi Family is admirable. They have started a Barista training programme to give back to the community – transfer skills to youth and empowerment of previously disadvantages through opportunity. The Mokobodi Barista’s is always considered first for any coffee position available at The TJ Roots Food Company.

Sowing seeds for the future.