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The TJ Roots Hot and Cold Beverage solutions is unique in its operating format.

It is a living example of the TJ Roots company ethos.

The Brand behind the solution is Happiness in a Cup and it is partly owned by the employees.

Managed by a QSE Level-2 Company that is 51% Black Woman Owned. Happiness in a Cup is a fully integrated “Free Issue Solution” that offers the following to any Corporate Client:

  • Quality product

  • Choice

  • 24 hours Vending Solution

  • Manned pouring sites

  • And a controlled spend better than the industry average.

Every site is different of course depending on Client demands, seating density areas, current staffing and vending alternatives. The Financial model is custom built to be mutually beneficial to both the owners and the clients, with full transparency to the client.

The Objective of the model is to build small black owned business which is driven by ownership motivation.

Several benefits are given to the share holders including 100% payment of their pension scheme contribution.

Alongside dividends that gets paid out based on the shareholders performance.

The products we serve is of outstanding quality – it is selected via a tasting in the buildings by the customers.

They include:

  • Just Darling Coffee – a small roastery in the South of Johannesburg, owned by the Dow family and 100% supporting fair trade coffee from Africa.

  • Mokobodi Holdings – 100% black owned. 50% woman owned company that get their beans from Rwanda, roasts it themselves, packaged and branded by the Mokobodi family.

  • Bean There – well known coffee brand, also full arabica coffee range roasted to perfection in Braamfontein.

  • Tribeca – serving beans in big retailers like Woolworths and the Tribeca Group.

Happiness in a cup also sports a magnificent range of Ceylon, Rooibos, Chai, Green, Ice, Breakfast, Earl Grey Tea’s! All included in the model, at no extra cost to the client.

The outcomes of the change in the traditional self-service coffee or vending services bring along foremost the change in previous employee attitude to an ownership attitude. It also delivers:

  • Absolute improvement on customer satisfaction by given customers a tailor-made service at no additional cost to the Client.

  • In fact – we will deliver cost savings to the client on their current model of free issue service.

  • Outstanding product quality with a variety to suite each palette.

  • Effective management of Wastage: Understanding the importance of cost management by controlling the expenses, not handing out company product at leisure, but ensuring it gets applied for the correct usage.

  • Constant communication with our customers improves their satisfaction and helps us to understand their expectations on the service and the products we offer. Our system employes a host of serving counters with served beverages – the Owners is able to have continues dialogue with each customer. Building the relationships & going that extra mile for special requirements.

  • Our Teams now has adopted a sense of real belonging and working towards a common goal that that realizes their personal goals – truly ensuring each individual in the company is working towards a better future every day.

  • All owners are included in the strategic planning of the business and their input is always considered (e.g. they have planned their own Christmas Leave for the first time ever!)

  • Small business have peak earning times which are often followed by learner times which will develop careful planning and informed decision making with the expected output of Wealth creation.

  • The introduction of Taxi money as an example will be a drive towards wealth creation taking the above in to consideration.

Our goal is to work as a team and closely with our customers to achieve the expected outcome.