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TJ Roots

The TJ Roots Food Company essentially started as a social experiment in a work environment. The Roots reference  means to “build into the community” through our employees, and begin delivering some of the traditional values that will purvey into the employees families.

In doing so we also wanted to create wealth for the people at every level of our company. To achieve this the shareholders gave out 26% of the company shares with 49% effective voting rights to the very staff employed by the company.

The Shares gave the employees the right to vote for the companies polices, procedures and legislation that they work within. It has developed to to a stage where TJ Roots is a going concern.

We understand that a promise made is a promise kept. Insomuch that the staff trust, is not just a trust it is a real vehicle for the staff to make some money. We have literally being doing business with several blue chip companies like Hollard, Clientele, Lonmin and Landbank for several years.

What has been interesting is the company approach to small ESD, black owned businesses. It is extremely difficult to enter into a market dominated by the Big Five catering companies who build some barriers into entry. Yet we managed in the supply side, to grow 15 small companies that deliver into TJ Roots Daily

Alongside giving them the  the opportunity to grow into the larger companies with whom we have relationships with. The second part of building ESD’s is to build within our structures smaller catering companies, we have 4 of those currently operating in our medium sized company. The 4 companies are shown how the business works, were the margins are made, supporting them in back of house and allowing them to grow out of us into their own contracts or even take over contracts were we currently run.

Essentially at the heart of this social experiment, the real goal is the starting of 100 small companies within the industry as well as allowing the people who earned it some profitability when the companies are sold.

The TJ Roots Food Company are focused on our customers and our clients at every moment during the day.

The way we do our jobs presents an image of our entire organisation.

Nothing is more important than being courteous, friendly, helpful, and prompt in the attention you give to customers.

Our personal contact with the public, our manners on the telephone, and the products we send or sell to our customers are a reflection not only of ourselves, but also of the professionalism of The TJ Roots Food Company.

Positive customer relations not only enhance the public’s perception or image of The TJ Roots Food Company but also pay off in greater customer loyalty and increased sales and profit.

Should we fail to honour this guarantee in any way, we will gladly give the offering for free!

The TJ Roots Food Company is a 51% black woman, 100% South African Owned company.

 We are driven by more than 100 years of collective industry experience.  People are our biggest asset.

They are motivated by the energy only owners understand.

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BBBEE Level 1/ 2

QSE or EME with 51% black ownership

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